Frequently asked questions

1.Is Registration needed for foreign studies
Ans : For foreign employment or writing equivalent examinations they are asking APPC Registration. Other countries are also demanding Good Standing Certificate from the Council to consider for employment/permitting for examination
2.What does Employment proof mean.
Ans : This is applicable to those who are employed in College/ Hospital/ medical shop etc. Identity card or drug license copy is a proof of employment.
3.I am living abroad. Can I renew my registration.
Ans: Online Services don't need personal appearance , hence can follow process from wherever you are
4.I am AP registered. Working outside state. What to do
Ans : Registration is done for those who are serving in a particular state. Apply as per instructions in Website for Reregistration if working in AP/Telangana or if working outside follow the process of that state.
5.I Studied outside AP. But want to register in AP
Ans : Yes can approach office for registration
6. If Registration certificate is wrongly delivered or lost by Postal Authorities or lost in Drugs department what to do. How much time it takes to give Duplicate Certificate.
Ans : Obtain a Certificate of loss from respective department and submit application as per website. As per procedure we await replies from Drugs Control Authorities and then issue duplicate certificate. It takes time.
7.I am a Registered Pharmacist and hold registration certificate and if
(i). I am studying now
(ii). I am a lecturer
(iii). I am working in other profession
(iv). I am doing other business
(v). I am staying ABROAD
can I use RP Certificate for medical shop while doing any of the above.
Ans: No. It is suicidal attempt because once your name is entered in the Drug licenses as working Pharmacist it is illegal and impossible to be at TWO places at one time. It amounts to Professional disrespect and unethical. Your name may be removed for ever from register and can no more be a registered Pharmacist. Criminal case may also be attempted on you. You may even be disqualified at the other side when they are intimated by the Council on removal from Register.
1. Is Tatkal Original Degree Certificate (OD) acceptable
Ans: Yes .
2. Migration Certificate /Transfer Certificate are with College/University. What to do.
Ans: You may submit Bonafide or Study certificate .
3. Industrial training certificate is not available/ lost. What to do.
Ans :It is not compulsory.
4.I have lost Individual marks list but Consolidated marks list is available
Ans : Consolidated certificate is ok. If Consolidated marks list is not issued by University then Individual marks lists are to be provided.
5.There is spelling mistake in name in my Degree certificate. What to do.
Ans : Registration Certificate is prepared as per degree/diploma certificate issued by University/Board. Hence apply only after correction from respective University/Board.
1. What is the period of Renewal
Every 5 years
2. What is the time span for getting Duplicate Certificate
A) Duplicate Certificate: Within 3 days after receiving information from all the Drug Licensing Authorities in AP.
3. What is the time span for getting Registration
Diploma: Same day for AP State holders. 7 days after receiving confirmation from state Boards for outside AP state
Degree:  7 days after receiving confirmation from University.
4. What is the time span for getting Good Standing/Others Certificate
1 - 4 days
5. What is the time span for getting Re-Registration Certificate (by Transfer from Other States)
Seven days after receiving No-Objection Certificate from other State Pharmacy Councils.
1. Can I get Good Standing Certificate/Verification certificate by hand.
No. The Certificate will be sent directly to the country by A.P.P.C.
2. If prospectus of other country demand can I get certified copies/attestation of my R.P.Certificate.